Causes and consequences of Cedrela odorata invasion in West African semi-deciduous tropical forests

To our knowledge, this study is the first to investigate the causes and consequences of Cedrela odorata spread in West African natural forests.

Landscape floral resources provided by rapeseed correlate with next-year reproduction of cavity-nesting pollinators in a national participatory monitoring program

To understand whether and to what extent these crops could contribute to the maintenance of pollinator populations, we investigated the inter-annual correlation between MFC resources and the reproduction of cavity-nesting pollinators (solitary bees and wasps) at a national scale.

Master thesis: Understanding the effects of structure and dynamics of agricultural landscape

Master thesis - This study investigates immediate and long-term effects of agricultural landscape and related farming practices on biodiversity. I used hurdle models to assess the link solitary bee nest-building or earthworm abundance and both farming practices and landscape variables.

Hidden diversity of sand catlet fishes in the rivers of Eastern Africa (Unpublished)

Draft paper - This study adds to a growing literature suggestive of cryptic fish diversity in Eastern Africa, and highlights the need for further research on stream fishes in that region.